Todd E. Schroder

Research Director


Mr. Schroder has been with the firm since June of 1996. He conducts in-depth research on competition issues in the domestic and international air service market, international aviation agreements, and trade negotiations.

He is involved in nearly all of Campbell-Hill’s airport and airline presentations. Mr. Schroder also performs research related to acquisitions and mergers. His work requires the use of numerous databases, demographic and geographical information systems (GIS).

Mr. Schroder has solid marketing and research skills which began during his tenure at Saab Aircraft, where he worked for eight years in the marketing group. He has held positions in sales engineering, market research, and airline sales. His work in technical sales involved analyzing airline operations, financial information and aircraft fleets and developing marketing campaigns. His market research experience includes fleet planning studies, regional airline industry forecasting, and strategic planning. As an aircraft sales manager, he developed relationships with airline executives and airline operations personnel.

Mr. Schroder is Campbell-Hill’s expert on information systems and networks.

Areas of Specialization

Database Development

Traffic Analysis

Fleet Planning

Marketing Presentations

Geographical Information Systems

Demographic Research


B.S., Aviation Business Administration, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University