Rohan Sheth

Research Manager


Since joining Campbell-Hill in September 2023, Mr. Sheth has supported air service development marketing efforts for U.S. and Latin American airports including SMF, AUS, RDU, IAH, GEG, SAP (SanPedro Sula, Honduras), and BZE (Belize). By researching and analyzing transportation data from Cirium and other databases, Mr. Sheth has been able to build presentations highlighting compelling opportunities for airlines to expand air service in to new and existing markets.

Prior to joining Campbell-Hill, Mr. Sheth was an aviation planning analyst at Kimley-Horn and Associates for three years (2020-2022) engaged mainly with statewide aviation system planning and economic impact evaluations. This includes serving as the lead analyst for two statewide aviation system plans (Minnesota and Texas) to guide how the state government should manage their respective statewide system of public-use airports and heliports. Mr. Sheth’s role included collecting and analyzing aviation data to understand existing statewide conditions, preparing a statewide forecast of aircraft operations, drafting policy recommendations to address identified statewide aviation issues, and completing a performance evaluation of all airports against statewide goals to determine total aviation investment need. Throughout the planning process, Mr. Sheth performed advanced tabular and geospatial data analytics tasks including several complex drive-time and proximity analyses through ArcGIS Pro and Online applications. Additionally, Mr. Sheth constructed a public-facing web application that presents all the study’s findings in a collection of interactive dashboards hosted on ArcGIS Online – a first for a statewide aviation system plan.

Mr. Sheth also has extensive experience with aviation economic impact evaluations which have involved over 130 airports and military aviation facilities on a statewide, regional, and individual airport scope. This includes conducting economic impact modeling efforts using IMPLAN, an industry-recognized product that utilizes an input/output (I/O) methodology to determine the total impact of aviation activities. Additionally, Mr. Sheth has prepared several public-facing deliverables includes brochures,PowerPoint presentations, and full technical reports.

Mr. Sheth also has supported several other aviation-related tasks through on-call contracts with city/state governments including benefit-cost analyses for existing state aviation programs, development of educational resources for airport facilities/services, and technical memos to highlight the anticipated benefits of proposed airport facilities.

Areas of Specialization

Database and Statistical Analysis

Demographic Research

Geospatial Analysis

Economic Impact Modeling

Aviation Forecasting


B.S. Business Administration - Logistics/Aviation Management, The Ohio State University