Eric K. Ford

Vice President

Professional Experience

Mr. Ford joined Campbell-Hill in September 2011 as a Vice President.  He has over thirty years of wide-ranging airline industry and aviation consulting experience involving air service development, pricing, planning, and financial analysis.  Before joining Campbell-Hill, Mr. Ford was a Senior Manager at Oliver Wyman and a Vice President at Eclat Consulting.  Prior to consulting, he held management positions at United, Northwest, and US Airways, where he served as Director of Pricing and Pricing Development. 

Through consulting work, Mr. Ford prepared domestic and international air service proposals for numerous medium and large U.S. airport clients.  He has developed short- and long-term traffic forecasts for Master Plans, Bond Issuance and airport cost, revenue, and operational benchmarking projects.  In addition, Mr. Ford produced studies of passenger diversion trends between airports, analyzed impacts of airline merger scenarios, and provided financial strengths and competitive assessments to airports, government entities, and investors. 

At US Airways, Mr. Ford was responsible for all domestic pricing activity, domestic and international fare rule development, and strategic and tactical revenue analysis.  He also served on the task force that designed and launched MetroJet, an “airline within an airline”, and he led an inter-airline team that reviewed federal ticket alternatives.  Mr. Ford’s additional airline expertise includes constructing tracking models of diversion trends between airports, analyzing and executing pricing experiments to stimulate traffic and revenue growth, and examining all corporate incentive programs. 



Areas of Specialization

  • Domestic and international air service proposals for medium and large U.S. airport clients.
  • Traffic forecasts for Master Plans, Bond Issuance and airport cost, revenue, and operational benchmarking projects.
  • Studies of domestic and international passenger diversion to other airports.
  • Assessments of airline financial strengths and competitiveness for airports, government entities, and investors.
  • Reviews of airline merger scenarios on air service and airline revenues for airports and investors. 





B.A., Computer Science and Economics, DePauw University