James I. Lundy

Vice President

Professional Experience

Mr. Lundy specializes in economic research, analysis, and the presentation of transportation data. During the course of his employment at Campbell-Hill, he has provided and directed research and analysis for over 400 air service presentations to passenger airlines and freight airlines on behalf of the firm’s airport clients.

He regularly prepares route forecasts and estimates total market sizes for air service presentations. Mr. Lundy also constructed economic exhibits filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation for Hawaiian Airlines in its recent successful bid for authority to serve Tokyo Haneda Airport, and for Delta’s successful application to serve China for the first time in 2007.

Mr. Lundy co-authored three studies on the economic and financial implications of a proposed significant expansion of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. He also provided research and analysis on behalf of the Air Transport Association of America and Southwest Airlines regarding the assessment of security fees by the TSA. In addition, he researched and analyzed the financial feasibility of a planned high-speed rail project in Florida.

Mr. Lundy has utilized transportation data in developing statistical models that have been used by the U.S. Department of Transportation in calculating mail rates paid to air carriers. Mr. Lundy has also assisted in calculating the economic impact and consumer benefits of airports, airlines and other transportation entities, including calculating the consumer benefits of Southwest Airlines expanding from Dallas Love Field. 


Areas of Specialization

  • Aviation Financial Research and Analysis
  • Route Forecasting
  • Market Size Quantification and Leakage Analysis
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Anti-trust Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Litigation Support
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Econometric Analysis
  • Database and Statistical Analysis



B.B.A., Finance, Minor in Economics, Magna Cum Laude, James Madison University
M.B.A., University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business