Rex J. Edwards

Vice President

Professional Experience

Mr. Edwards has worked with Dr. Campbell since 1987. He assists the firm in the analysis and modeling of air and intermodal freight systems.

Mr. Edwards has worked for over two decades analyzing new cargo airports in the U.S. and overseas, including feasibility and economic impact analysis. He has developed databases and analytical methods for estimating regional demand and supply patterns for several airport market studies. In addition, Mr. Edwards has created economic impact methodologies for several FAA funding applications and analyses of U.S. aviation competition issues. He also provided analysis of the potential impact of passenger carrier mergers on market competition.

He produces an annual database of current and forecast air trade flows by market, commodity type, and U.S. state of origin/destination, and supplies extracts of these data for airport market analysis, aviation bilateral negotiations, and DOT route case proceedings. In a recent analysis of Asian air policy, Mr. Edwards designed and applied a model for estimating air trade flows and the impact of air rights liberalization on economic development in China and Hong Kong. And Mr. Edwards is a developer and programmer of software for transportation costing, systems modeling, and database management.

Mr. Edwards has 20 years of experience as a transportation and trade economist and researcher. Before joining Campbell-Hill as a consulting associate, Mr. Edwards was the vice president and a founding partner of Leeper, Cambridge & Campbell, Inc. He also worked at several transportation and engineering firms, including Phillips Cartner & Co., Simat International, Exploration Services, and Simat, Helliesen & Eichner, Inc. 


Areas of Specialization

  • Economic impact studies and cargo analysis
  • Forecasting/modeling of transportation systems, facilities, technologies and services
  • Software programming for transportation costing/database management
  • Industrial level economic trade analysis
  • International trade analysis by mode of transport, and by origin/destination
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Transportation demand forecasting



B.A., Mathematics and Economics, College of William and Mary